My Office is a Crime Scene

Landor Associates San Francisco enacted an internal initiative which delivered a plan of action to increase workflow efficiency, communications and improve our client-relation protocol. I co-chaired the initiative to install corporate practice(s) which encourages employees/ individuals to cooperate and communicate in a forum which continually builds awareness, knowledge and experience of our industry and individual professional skills.

Ballet Performance:  “I understand the process for obtaining the end product.”
The Crime Scene environment is least likely to promote cooperation.
Commune:  “I do not fully understand my role on the team.”
Summer Camp:  “Do I have to be a key player to get ahead in this company?”
Environment (Company policy which promote cooperation) vs Individual (Desire or value cooperation) Matrix Poster

The matrix graphically expressed the opinions of employees interviewed for the initiative. Direct quotes were used relating their experiences which promoted or devalued their own efforts to best complete projects and meet client needs with other colleagues.