First Things First

Lilly is an international pharmaceutical company specializing in significant R&D advances in osteoporosis, bi-polar disorder, diabetes, PMDD and oncology. The company’s efforts work toward encouraging a global culture of informed physicians and health practitioners to build partnerships that reach unmet needs.

The new signature retains the proprietary elements of color and calligraphy but was modified as a monoline signature.

A brand expression was delivered that was clinical and advanced, but personable, relevant and useful. The concept “First things First”  is an expression of the value of accurate and pertinent information for health professionals and their partners and patients. It means:  to deliver the most relevant information first. 

Medical conference journal
Corporate business card
Corporate identity standards

A new style for photography, typography and composition for all communications. Also developed were Brand Voice guidelines for copy writing. Lilly needed an approach to endorsing new products. Existing partnerships do not permit Lilly to influence the design of product collateral. An endorsement program and style was successfully delivered for print and broadcast.

Anti-psychotic stabilizing Zyprexa® product information brochure.

Post-implementation audit is not a dirty word. Over 10 countries submitted business communication samples for review, 1.5 years after launch of new the new identity. This sample from Germany and many others were evaluated on its application of design guidelines and its expressions of the Lilly brand—the results recorded.

Capabilities brochure, Lilly Hamburg
Product-related branded corporate gift

Design team includes:  Michele Berry, Pia Carino, Joe Stitzlein, Frank Mueller