Path Forward!™ UNIX Migration

Unisys teamed with Babcock & Jenkins to develop a migration guide that clearly outlines the process of virtualizing mission critical apps utilizing the Forward! Solution.

Mimeko’s design process includes reviews of guidelines, audit and collection of any other needed information, images, etc., storyboard creation and wireframes. The prototype and review cycles along with client review sessions needed to answer questions and return feedback by noon the same day.  Prezi was used to create the animation. Sound for the animation was created and composed by American Super Company, although ultimately the client approved the animation without sound.

Safe Path to Full x86 Consolidation: Forward!™ UNIX to Linux Migration Overview that walks the audience through the five simple steps to a safe, trustworthy migration:

Safe Path to Full x86 Consolidation: Forward!™ UNIX to Linux Migration Overview. Soundtrack composed by American Super Company

The video needs to clearly demonstrate to business and technical decision-makers, and enterprise architects, business decision influencers:

  • A clear description of what happens at each stage of migration
  • Important questions to ask at each stage
  • How business can continue uninterrupted through implementation
  • What business gains will be seen along the way

Before Unisys Forward! audiences were fearful  and anxious about moving mission critical apps. Forward! by Unisys is a safe path to mission-critical reliability within a flexible x86 platform datacenter.

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