What’s Your Story?

The Presentation Company requests advertisement for social media.“You’ve got one shot at being memorable. Make it count. The way to get heard, change mindsets, or sell solutions through meaningful stories and visuals… ” read the first draft of ad copy.

First explorations lead to a first draft to peak the audiences’ response to finding a solution for business goals or work responsibilities to produce successful presentations. The first draft intent is to appeal to these needs and/or goals even to reach an emotion— a sense of fantasy-based accomplishment:  a fairy-godmother solution granted them for their to-do projects.

728 px 90 px Round 1

The 2nd round includes ad copy drafts, finessing color ways and the range of required animation specifications.

728 x 90 Round 2
300 x 250 Round 2

The 3rd round includes finalized ad copy drafts, formats, design refinements,  finessed color ways and required animation specifications. A Graphic Resource for Social Media Advertising document is delivered with the assets. A reference guide is essential in providing a visual snapshot of electronic assets and related information as it sets expectations of the user to encourage his participation in using approved signatures, colors and templates.

728 x 90 Round 3:  refinement and color way
300 x 250 Round 3
336 x 280 Round 3
300 x 600 Round 3
A reference guide is essential in providing a visual snapshot.

Static ads were created for other SM site blog posts with the brightest colors available.


The standardized corporate identity tag is created in another identity alignment project. After the process of exploration, reviews and competitor comparisons, designs are finalized to increase the visual relationship between the Core Identity Signature and any symbol(s) used for special use:  social media.

Special Use symbol.

The Presentation Company was started by Janine Kurnoff and Lee Lazarus, two sisters with a passion for helping people learn to become world-class presenters. The Presentation Company’s latest workshop Crafting Strategic Visual Stories arms you with a visual story strategy. You’ll walk away with a framework that helps you turn raw data into a highly visual story.